It's Gemini Season (What This Means for Your Sign)

It's Gemini Season (What This Means for Your Sign)
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It's Gemini Season (What This Means for Your Sign)


by Barry Kerr, evolutionary astrologer


The Sun moves into Gemini on May 21

Fleet-footed Mercury rules the sign of Gemini. After establishing our right to exist with Mars/Aries and connecting to our body and resources with Venus/Taurus, it’s now time to begin exploring our environment. Mercury represents our rational, logical thinking mind, which takes in information through our five physical senses, processes that information, and communicates the results.


Our brain (Mercury) typically runs the show. Through logic and reason, we’re able to organize perceptions into memories, associations, symbols, lessons, and possibilities. Through symbols, we are able to communicate our thoughts to others, thus combining our brain with theirs into a web of mental synergy that increases our capacity for collective survival. As we extend our mental awareness outward, experiencing our relationships to things and people, our mind creates a reality, a story of life, which becomes the evolving phenomenon we call our “self”, the very limited perspective defining our ego.  


The sign your Sun is in will be the filter that determines the central qualities of your ego self. However, the sign your Mercury is in will determine the way your mind assists you toward that expression. For example, a person with Sun in Libra will ultimately be driven toward relationships more than most people, and if that person’s Mercury is in Virgo, her mind will be most curious about practical feedback and analysis within relationships. However with Mercury in Scorpio, that person will be most curious about the emotional undercurrents within relationships.


One of the most important processes that form our ego is that of comparisons with other(s). Contrasts and similarities define our sense of self, and because this world of time and space consists of dualities and polarities, we find ourselves exploring various ends of those spectrums, curious to discover and learn about them. This is why Gemini people can be so curious, fickle and easily distracted, yet delightfully interested in all points of view. There is an innocent and neutral mental exploration in process.



When our inner Mercury is wounded or dysfunctional, we can feel a sluggish awareness, intellectual inferiority, or communication problems, sometimes leading to overcompensating in these areas. As a healing issue, it’s about becoming more aware of the principles of duality.  


Mercury plays a necessary and important role in our ability to navigate the physical world. Because it is the major engine of our ego’s construction and existence, it is also the primary inhibitor in our intended journey toward transcending our ego’s limited perspective and reclaiming our intuitive awareness, seeing our selves as divine beings, whole and immortal, and only temporarily subjected to the illusions of limitedness in this world.


In each lifetime, as our Mercury explores the plethora of dynamics within the polarities of time and space, our soul is able to absorb these experiences, add them to our accumulated soul knowledge, and apply the gained wisdom to new incarnations. Thus, we become masters, and it is in Gemini that our commitment to learn is renewed.  


After Taurus grounds our spirit into the physical world, and we build security, we are ready to look around, awaken our curious mind, and connect to our surroundings, including people.



OMG, Gemini! – So much to learn. Where do I start!


Our inner Mercury, ruling Gemini, is our rational mind, designed to process information through our fives senses and “make sense” of our environment. Its instinctual function is to discern danger from opportunity. From this limited view, the world appears to be fractured; everything and everyone separate from everything else. Our lower human mind forgets that ultimately, all is divine oneness. So, within the illusion, it learns all it can, about whatever it can, categorizing data, “good or bad”, in order to better survive.


This is basic to Gemini, however Gemini’s spiritual intention is to become aware of the countless ways that spirit manifests through dualities, thoughts, forms, and relationships. In Gemini, we learn how to learn, think, and communicate. If conscious, we learn tact, logic, and objective listening. We seek facts and alternative perspectives, asking questions to learn how others think. Fully conscious, we strengthen our ability to make objective decisions and actions, communicate internal dichotomies, and use non-threatening approaches to expressing our ideas. When our minds can also integrate emotional awareness, we keep a positive outlook on life and people, delighted and fascinated with the diversity we see. Conflicting dualities become complementary polarities. This is prep for our own creativity.


Our unconscious Gemini will tend toward indecisiveness, waiting for more and more information, and trusting other’s perceptions before our own. We tend to gossip, guess what others are thinking, argue or say what others want to hear as misguided attempts to establish connection. Logic overrides our deeper, intuitive truths and we get stuck in our heads.


Good Gemini Activities

Follow your curiosities. Read, write, and ask questions. Sign up for that class. Or teach it! Grow your communication skills. Communicate a deeply guarded emotion or intuitive truth to someone who will listen. See how well you listen to someone else do the same. See if you can find some truth, rational or not, in those who oppose you.


Good Gemini Questions To Ask Yourself

To heal and evolve your Gemini self, pay attention to your stream of thoughts. Where is your attention at any moment? Now where? And now? And so on. Are there patterns to this? This may be a clue to your unique form of intelligence and expression, different than others. Do you value your intuitive truth? Or do you cancel it out with logic? Notice who you admire or denigrate for their intellect or communicative expression. Do they mirror those aspects of yourself you have yet to acknowledge and embrace. Do you allow logic to overrule the intuitive ‘knowings” of your feelings? Be curious about that.


The sun is in Gemini May 21 – June 20, what does that mean for your sign?

Each month, evolutionary astrologer Barry Kerr explains the sign for that month and then lists all 12 signs and how each interacts with this month's sign. Look for your birth sign below. (These can also hold true if you have your Moon, ascendant and/or a number of planets in the sign.)


Having established a stability of survival, comfort, security and values in the sign of Taurus, now, in Gemini, our soul prompts us to explore the world around us, taking in the plethora of information available to us through our senses. Our logical, rational mind, as represented by Mercury, exists to process all that data, making sense of it, seeing connections, forming ideas and testing our perceptions by communicating with those around us. In our journey toward spiritual consciousness in human form, Gemini is our ego’s first stretch outside itself to discover it’s way back to soul awareness. Making sense of this physical world and the relationships and dualities within it is an endless source of mental fascination and delight. However, until we balance this with a deeper intention toward wisdom, our Gemini curiosity can devolve into merely a shallow and hubristic extension of our ego’s limited awareness and ignorance of soul.


Look below for your birth sign (sun sign) to see what particular challenges/opportunities are being brought to your awareness this month. (These can also hold true if you have your Moon, Rising sign or a number of planets in the sign.)


Aries (Mar 21 – Apr 19):


Aries, this month you may feel an upsurge in your ability and desire to explore, initiate and communicate ideas. You just may have some brilliant inspirations, but pay attention to how fast you are talking, and if your mind is scattered. This is a clue to whether you will actually follow through with your enthusiasm. Pause to question, be curious and listen. Your mind may feel in a hurry, but your soul may want you to learn more before acting.



Taurus (Apr 20 – May 20):


Ideas and communications are not what you typically value most, Taurus, especially if they don’t promise some practical outcome. During Gemini, however, you may value your intellect and an ability to more quickly think and talk. If you apply your practicality to how you communicate, your usual concern about “easier said than done” will be alleviated. So let yourself brainstorm a bit with others. No one can force their ideas on you, so no need to be stubborn. New ideas are not your enemy. They are pathways back to your soul.



Gemini (May 21 – June 20):


This is your time of year, Gemini, so let your curiosity loose. Just try to apply some degree of focus so you don’t scatter your attention and energy too far wide and feel drained and confused. If you were listening to your body last month in Taurus, you should have some ideas about what priorities you have for learning, sharing, and/or teaching and with whom. So use this time to follow through by using your gifts of mental awareness and communication to make the appropriate connections and plans. Take actions so it all doesn’t just remain in your head. Your decisions will lead you to the growthful experiences that your soul wants for you.



Cancer (June 21 – July 22):


Cancer, though you are typically abundant with feelings and emotions, it’s not always easy for you to communicate them to others. Emotions are information from our soul that need translating for our egos to understand. During this Gemini month, you may find that you are more easily able to connect your feelings to thoughts and words. This can bring you more clarity within, and it empowers you to share your heart with others. Likewise, you can improve your ability to listen to others’ feelings and express your empathy and compassion in effective ways. Don’t take it personally.



Leo (July 23 - Aug 22):


The Gemini qualities of words and wit offer you, Leo, an opportunity to shine your talents through writing, speaking, and acting. Even if not applied to a formal artistic endeavor, give your voice permission to open up and be heard. Your soul’s intention in Leo is to teach you that you are a unique and blessed expression of the divine one. So, trust your heart and passion to bring through your voice a ray of love to the world. Expect feedback, and listen, but don’t let it stop you. Not all have ears to hear you.



Virgo (Aug 23 – Sep 22):


Virgo, your usual devotion to creating order through lists, routines and schedules may be challenged this month. The Gemini influence has your mind wandering with curiosity, so embrace it. Daily life may feel scattered with multiple tasks and projects, and this is not your comfort zone, but if you apply your talent for precision and clarity to how you communicate with others, you just might find some new and interesting possibilities to explore in your life. Listen to others for how your compassion can serve in a practical way.



Libra (Sep 23 – Oct 22):


If you are in a relationship, Libra, your partner better be ready for a more than usual amount of talking. Your need for communication with a significant other is high during this month. So find someone close. Your gift for seeing many sides of an issue will be supported by a higher degree of mental agility and communication skills to bring about balance and fairness. This could be a good time to resolve issues with any antagonists in your life. Your soul is longing for experiences of intimacy and that requires communication.



Scorpio (Oct 23 – Nov 21):


Scorpio, this month’s Gemini influence will heighten your curiosity about the secret, intimate and emotional aspects of life. It won’t be enough to just quietly observe those around you. You may feel an urge to probe their minds and uncover their feelings. When done from soulful consciousness, this can deepen intimacy for you and another, perhaps even improving your sexual life. Be careful not to let curiosity drift into manipulation. Words are powerful. Use them wisely.



Sagittarius (Nov 22 – Dec 21):


OK, Sag, now is the time to take those deep and meaningful understandings you have been gaining and give them your own words. Write, teach, speak. You have wisdom to share in ways that only your soul can do. You are here to inspire others. The key is being curious about how those cosmic concepts apply to the “here and now” reality around you. The insights you gained last month in Taurus should help. If nothing else, travel and learn a new language.



Capricorn (Dec 22 – Jan 19):


This is the time for you to communicate your vision and plans, Capricorn. You may feel drawn in too many directions, but if you focus on communications, you will lay the groundwork for action to come. People will recognize your intellect at this time. Be curious about who can help you and why. Your soul is directing your mind and your tongue to the people and opportunities for manifesting your dream. Stay flexible.



Aquarius (Jan 20 – Feb 18):


During this Gemini influence, Aquarius, your mind is flooded with many exciting and unpredictable ideas. That’s what you normally do, anyway, but now it’s especially important that you surround yourself with your tribe, your team, your kindred souls. Through collective brainstorming, you can trust your comrades to help sort out and prioritize all those unusual and intuitive ideas. There is divine method in this madness. Just keep it flowing.



Pisces (Feb 19 – Mar 20):


Pisces, your deeply sensitive nature typically causes you to stay a bit shy and withdrawn, unable to find words that capture the other-worldly awarenesses that flow through you. During this Gemini month, you may find better access to thoughts and language that allows you to share with others. Let Gemini help your mind discern the dimensions of your inner world, give definition to it, and express it into the world through writing, poetry, music, chanting, and the like. You bring the energy of wholeness (Pisces) to the mind’s illusive dualities (Gemini).





Note about zodiac dates: The dates associated with the signs of the zodiac are based on averages, since in any given year the exact ingresses can range from the 19th to the 22nd. They also vary depending on the time zone in which you were born. If you're unsure of your sign, you can obtain your chart at


Barry Kerr, a certified soul-based astrologer, has 36 years of experience with an international clientele, including many medical professionals and alternative healers. He and Kristine Gay, a licensed psychotherapist, are owners/practitioners at Inner Essence Center in Madison. Both have extensive training in soul-guided healing of mind, body, heart and spiritual systems. Barry offers astrology, energy healing and transformational coaching by phone, Skype or in-person. Visit  for more information, or email Barry at



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