The Basics of Sacred Geometry

The Basics of Sacred Geometry
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The Basics of Sacred Geometry


Just as mathematics is the foundation of all science, a special kind of math is the foundation of all metaphysics. Sacred geometry springs from the examination of patterns and relationships found in nature. On the surface that may sound a little dry, but when we look at how basic lines and curves come together to form the universe, it's like taking a wonderful look into the mind of creation. Because while all matter is made from elements, it's the patterns that gives matter form, purpose, and astounding diversity.





The raw calcite pictured above is one example of sacred geometry principles at work in nature. Calcite, aragonite and seashells are made of the same thing: calcium carbonate (CaCO3). The earth forms this material into calcite, usually in squarish blocks, directly through geological processes. Sea creatures also take up CaCO3 and, and with the help of patterns recorded in their DNA, they reform it into shells. Eventually these shells decompose, returning their CaCO3 to earth as aragonite, a mineral with its own distinctive shapes. So aragonite and calcite are the exact same material, but each has its own unique structure. In other words, the first three images are all the same substance; only the pattern is different.


To take things a step further, think about man-made creations – such as a spiral staircase – that mimic patterns found in nature. A spiral staircase isn't made of CaCO3, yet it has the same pattern as the nautilus shell. In this case human engineers have copied a form found in nature, translated it into a new material, and given it a new purpose. (This specific form, the Fibonacci spiral, happens to be one of the prime symbols of sacred geometry!) Calcium carbonate alone is a simple mineral. Patterned by life, it becomes a shell. Patterned by the mind, that shell in turn becomes an intelligent design.







The Fibonacci spiral and many other forms and patterns we talk about in sacred geometry arise from the Flower of Life (shown above) which is seen as the basis for all other patterns in the universe. The study of sacred geometry begins by drawing circles:



Two intersecting circles form the Vesica Piscis, seen also in the chalice well symbol.



Where three circles intersect, we see the Triquetra, a symbol of sacred trinities.



The Seed of Life is also called the genesis pattern, where six intersecting circles signify the six stages of creation.



The Flower of Life is 19 intersecting circles within the boundary of a larger circle. It's said that all patterns can be found within it.


In Metatron's Cube, lines connecting the centers of the circles in the fruit of life.

The lines are said to represent masculine energy and the circles feminine energy, so that this pattern combines polarities into a unified creation.




Obviously, these patterns are closely related, becoming more complex as we draw new connections. We start with two circles, then three, and so on, watching how these circles intersect and relate. New combinations of circles, lines, and three-dimensional images continue to evolve, and with each evolution we gain new insights.


Continuing the process, eventually a significant set of three-dimensional shapes arises: the platonic solids. Platonic solids are 3-dimensional shapes in which

  1. All faces are the same
  2. All edges are the same length
  3. All angles are the same
  4. If the figure were put inside a sphere, all vertices would touch the sphere.

Another way of looking at these shapes is that they all arise from the cube, when it is truncated in various ways. Thus the cube is the Father of all forms, while the sphere is the Mother of all forms. These shapes are the building blocks of everything from crystal formation to music to organic life.






Other common sacred geometry symbols:


The vector equilibrium (shown here with circles added) is a three-dimensional shape constructed  with triangles and cubes. It's sometimes called the "perfect shape" because every corner is exactly the same distance from all the other corners. This very stable shape is the basis of a three-dimensional rendering of the flower of life.


Pyramids have amazing preserving and energizing properties, because the pyramid is such an efficient amplifier. By focusing universal energy, it increases the vibrational field of whatever is placed inside it with intention -- even intangible things like hopes. This effect is can be enhanced by the pyramid's material, color and other properties.


The Merkaba is the intersection of two tetrahedrons. The one pointing downward brings up earth energy, while the one pointing upward channels universal energy into the human plane. A person within this energy field will experience the confluence of both types of energy. While the chakras can be seen as an energy system within the body, the merkaba represents an energy system outside it.




Sacred Geometry is an extremely complicated, detailed subject that's challenging to discuss with text alone. One way to get more hands-on experience with sacred geometry is to create a crystal grid using one of the symbols in this article!


The crystal grid is a manifestation tool that joins crystal energy with sacred geometry. When we align an underlying geometric pattern with compatible crystals, we can focus and amplify our intentions.


Grids consist of crystals placed in precise, geometric arrangements in order to affect the flow of energy for a specific purpose. The properties of the stones used, combined with their arrangement in a sacred geometric configuration, create a unique energy frequency that enhances your intention and helps manifest your desired result. Combining crystal energy with Sacred Geometry exponentially enhances the power of both: the sacred geometry of the formation expresses your intention in a clear and direct way, while the stones amplify this intention and send it out into the universe.


We hope you've learned enough about forms and their symbolism to help you start putting sacred geometry to use in your everyday life: for meditation, making crystal grids, sacred art, and more!








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