Live Sale Policies

We're so excited you're interested in participating in our live sales! They're a super fun way to shop from home and learn more about crystals at the same time. Please read this entire page before attending so you are familiar with our rules & process.



Our live sales are free for anyone to attend! You just have to register with your name & email. Visit our Events page to view upcoming sales and get registered!



1. To buy an item, guests must comment the number of the item and the word "Sold." This constitutes an agreement to make a purchase and make payment for all items in full. 

2. Items are sold individually unless guest specifies multiples of the same item (by typing x2, x5 etc.)

3. Unless specified that item will come assorted, guests may request certain variants of items with variety (e.g. "darker green" or "rounder shape.") When we pick the order we will do our very best to accommodate your preference, but meeting the request cannot be guaranteed.

4. First come, first served. Winners will be determined by the order "Sold" comments appear on our end of the comment stream, which will be announced verbally. Guests understand that differences in connectivity can sometimes result in a delayed stream.

5. We cannot cancel sales. Once an item is sold, you cannot redact your claim so please be sure you want an item before claiming!

Guests understand that natural variation occurs in many of the items we feature. We are proud to feature quality products in our sales and if an item has an issue such as chipping or other damage, that will be pointed out during the sale and the item will be sold "as-is." However, variation in color, shape, and other natural features is to be expected.



1. You will be sent an email invoice to make payment for the live sale items you claimed (along with an itemized list) within 24 hours of the sale concluding. 

This payment will typically include your shipping charge This amount typically ranges from $5.40-$16.10 for domestic shipments, $21-$49 international. Very large orders or items may increase shipping. Domestic packages ship via USPS Priority Mail, International via USPS First Class International.

Please ensure that the shipping address you enter at checkout is correct, as we will ship to this address unless notified otherwise.

As of 1/1/21, with the departure of Britain from the EU and changes to tax responsibility for vendors orders from certain countries must be specially processed. Please let us know via email if your shipping address is in the UK, France, or Austria.


2. Please pay your bill within 48 hours of receiving this email. 

We appreciate timely payments because it helps us move onto the next step of the process quicker so we can pick and pack orders. The more time we need to spend on payment collection, the more it slows down the shipping process for everyone, so please be respectful.

If you are having any trouble with the payment link, or your payment will be delayed for any reason, please let us know ASAP!

Failure to pay for items you claim and failure to communicate will result in a ban for future live sales.

3. Once payment is received, your items will be picked and packed. Items are pulled based on the order payments are received. Our small team packs and labels each order individually with great care to prevent breakage of our fragile items. We appreciate your patience through this process as it can be quite time consuming. 

4. As soon as we ship your order, you'll receive an email containing a tracking number you can use to check the status of your package.

Please note: Once the package is picked up by USPS, we will not have any additional access to tracking information beyond what is provided using this number, nor any additional control over the package's whereabouts. 




CONSIDERATIONS FOR INTERNATIONAL BUYERS: Please know that we cannot guarantee delivery of international packages. Once the USPS hands off the package to the next carrier, we have no way of tracking or insuring the contents of your items as the USPS often does not offer us a way to do this. Although we have only had a few problems with the thousands of packages we ship internationally, it's important to note that international packages cannot be guaranteed by us and cannot be insured. International buyers are purchasing at their own risk, though we will do absolutely everything within our power to make sure your items get to you safe and sound. International buyers are also advised that their shipment may be subject to additional import tax upon arrival, which Mimosa has no control over.

If you have any questions about the status of your order at any time, please email

If your box arrives visibly damaged, please take a picture of the damage before opening it. This will help us immensely when we submit an insurance claim. Please also email us pictures of any broken items in your package and we will follow up with you ASAP. You will need to keep all broken items AND all packaging for at least 60 days util the post office has made a determination about your claim.

Please also take care when unpacking your box and go through every piece of packing -- some of our items are extremely small and easily lost in the packaging! While we take care to organize everything neatly, shifting often occurs in transit.





Can I add leftover sale items to my order after the sale ends?
Absolutely! If you are interested in leftover items from the sale, email us to check on availability. Please send requests for leftover items within 24 hours of sale concluding. 


Can I add items from the store that weren't in the sale to my order?
Yes! If you are interested in a crystal that wasn't in the sale or available in our online selection, let us know and we will send you a list of anything we have available in-store.
Please send requests for additional items within 24 hours of sale concluding. 




Can I combine my live sale items with a purchase from the online store?Absolutely! We're happy to combine items wherever possible to save us the boxes and you the shipping charge!

If you place your website order before the live sale: Please add a note that you plan to attend the sale in the Special Instructions box under your shopping cart so we know to hold your items until then. We will credit the shipping paid on this order toward the total charge for all your items.

If you place your order on the night of/morning after the live sale: No need to add a note unless the name you used for the live sale differs from the name on your website order. We will credit the shipping paid on this order toward the total charge for all your items.

If you place your order at the same time or after paying for your live sale items: We will refund any overpaid shipping when your items ship. Please note that we need to receive your website order before we begin packing your live sale items to be able to put them in the same package, so it's best to place the order ASAP.

Can I hold my box for multiple sales so my items ship together?
Yes, please let us know you would like to hold your box and we will happy to do so. We will hold your items for as many sales as you would like, or until your box is full (whichever comes first). This is a great way to save on shipping (and save us a little time too!)


Can I pick up my items at the store?

Yes! Please email on the night of the sale if you want to do this and we will leave shipping off your bill. Once payment is made you can come pick your items up any time during store hours.

I'm a Love & Light student, can I use my student discount?
Due to the amount of labor that goes into setting up, conducting, and fulfilling our live sales, we cannot apply any discounts to live sale orders. But you're always welcome to use your very special student discount code on our website.


Help, my stream is lagging and I'm way behind everyone else!
Try refreshing, and if that doesn't help, lower the quality setting of your video by clicking the little gear symbol. If you're still experiencing issues, you may have a wi-fi connectivity issue. 

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