Mimosa will be closed until further notice. We are taking these measures out of consideration for the health of our staff, customers, and community. We appreciate your cooperation.

If you'd like to continue to support our woman-owned, small business through this challenging time, consider purchasing a GIFT CARD - they can be redeemed online or in-person and they never expire.

Our online store is still open, and we are still shipping orders 6 days a week.

We're also diligently working on packing & sending live sale orders as quickly as possible with our limited staffing as we practice recommended social distancing procedures in our shipping area. We do have plans to go forward with our next live, online sale via YouTube on April 6th (see our Events page for details).

We appreciate your patience and support of our small business during this challenging time. ✨

Thank You ~ Blessings ~ Take Care  -MIMOSA STAFF

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Reconnect to Your Spiritual Side

At Mimosa, we are dedicated to embracing the global diversity of wisdom and belief. We hold in respect all integrity-based teachings, systems, and spirit-based philosophies. Our mission is to support and facilitate every individual’s vision of what is meaningful to them in the spiritual realm. Without judgment of affiliation to one ideology, we embrace everyone’s right to pursue their beliefs in a respectful and loving environment.

Get Guidance + Clarity with an Intuitive Reading

Mimosa is proud to offer in-house intuitive readings seven days a week. We have wonderful, experienced readers, each with their own unique reading style. All of our readers act with integrity and perform readings in a positive light. They each have over 5 years of professional experience and have studied in various psychic modalities from credible programs and teachers. Mimosa is confident in its readers and cares about delivering quality services of this nature.

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Rune Meanings for Modern Day: An Intro to Runes

Rune Meanings for Modern Day: An Intro to Runes
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Runes are an ancient form of writing used in northern Europe, including Germany, Scandinavia, and the British Isles. The listing below is a very basic chart of Scandinavian rune meanings known as the “elder Futhark.” In modern times, people often use runes for divination, in writing magical texts or spells, or as talismans.

Astrology for Self-Discovery & Personal Development

Astrology for Self-Discovery & Personal Development
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The symbols, myths, and metaphors of astrology have been gathered across the centuries from a variety of cultural sources. Based on an underlying philosophy that assumes some kind of interrelationship between the sky and the earth, astrological thinking has thrived during the past two thousand years across the globe. The Middle East, the Greco-Roman world, Asia, and medieval and Renaissance Europe have all nurtured astrological thought in its varying forms.

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