Samhain Altar Cloth and Crystal Set

Samhain Altar Cloth and Crystal Set
Samhain Altar Cloth and Crystal Set
Samhain Altar Cloth and Crystal Set
$21.95 USD

⚰️ 🎃 💀 Sacred Samhain Blessings! 💀 🎃 ⚰️

Samhain is the perfect time to hold space for ancestor connection, intuition, the thinning of the veil, death, introspection, rebirth, divination, and honoring the dead!

This altar cloth features an exclusive Samhain design printed in soft colors and crisp detail. With this cloth, you'll be able to decorate your altar for the High Holy Day of Samhain and track the turning of the wheel.

This 12" by 12" altar cloth is made from 100%, grade-A, woven cotton fiber and folds up for easy storage or travel. The fabric is heavy and durable.



You can also upgrade and add three of our favorite crystals for Samhain:

  • Tumbled Howlite: This stone is associated with the world of dreams and that which lies "beyond the veil," making it a good complement for connection with ancestors and the spirit realm.
  • Tumbled Black Moonstone: A darkly reflective crystal perfect for promoting intuition and personal insight. Use it wisely when you're ready to ask big questions this month.
  • Rough Sangre Calcite: This deep red calcite is a powerful fire element symbol which makes it a great helper for vitality and motivation in the colder months.



Suggested Crystals: Black Obsidian, Bloodstone, Snowflake Obsidian, Red Garnet, Jet, Black Onyx, Carnelian, Smoky Quartz, Shungite, Howlite, Black Moonstone, Hagstone, Red Sangre Calcite, Black Moonstone

Symbols: Ale or Mead, Pumpkin, Skull, Besom or Broom, Beans, Cauldron, Bat, Key, Squash, Pomegranate, Nuts, Apples & Cider, Bones

Suggested Herbs: Angelica, Cinnamon, Vervain, Mugwort, Catnip, Mandrake, Rosemary, Wormwood, Rose Hips

Also Known As/Related To: Halloween, All Hallows Eve, Calan Graeaf, Ancestor Night, Third Harvest, Final Harvest, Day of the Dead, Witch's New Year, Sauin, Bonfire Night, All Saints' Day, All Souls' Day, Celtic New Year


🌏 If you live in the Southern Hemisphere, you'll be celebrating the festival of Samhain on May 1st to keep with the seasonal cycles.

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