I Am The Ritual Oracle Deck

I Am The Ritual Oracle Deck
I Am The Ritual Oracle Deck
I Am The Ritual Oracle Deck
$49.00 USD

I Am The Ritual is a salute to our shadow, our light, and every shade in between. This set of 33 cards overflows with potent rituals that will inspire, guide, heal, awaken, ground, and expand while bringing the sacred into your daily life, special occasions, major transitions, and intimate connections.

Choose your Ritual Card at random like an oracle, or select the one that is most needed at the time. Every card in this deck carries deep wisdom + a clearly instructed ritual for your mornings and evenings or light and shadow work, with a variety of practices for self-care, embodied integration, prayerful intention, sacred healing, and curious connection.

• 32 lovingly illustrated square cards with rounded edges, carrying potent insights for dark and light, day and night
 An informational card highlighting the background and usage of the I Am The Ritual deck
 Beautiful + sturdy printed paper box with magnetic closure to keep your oracle set safe


Dimensions: Measures 5.5" x 5.5" x 1"

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