Tumbled Dark Blue Tiger's Eye for Power & Communication

Tumbled Dark Blue Tiger's Eye for Power & Communication
Tumbled Dark Blue Tiger's Eye for Power & Communication
Tumbled Dark Blue Tiger's Eye for Power & Communication
Tumbled Dark Blue Tiger's Eye for Power & Communication
$1.50 USD

These tumbled stones measure approximately 1¼" x ¾" x ½"

Size is approximate and may vary slightly from piece to piece


Common Healing Properties of Blue Tiger's Eye:

  • Keeps you grounded
  • Enhances your psychic skills
  • Encourages the rising of the kundalini through the chakras (but only if you are ready for it)
  • Creates a protective shield around your aura
  • Encourages inner-strength
  • Enhances feelings of compassion in those with an overdeveloped masculine side
  • Helps you to sort through details especially when you're completing tedious tasks
  • Helps banish negative habits
  • Facilitates strength in communication
  • Instills peace and calming
  • Helps you work through and overcome fears of all kinds


I feel myself making way for clarity, as if seeing something for the very first time. I am able to look deeper into a situation to see the truth that lies behind the facade. I am prepared for what is revealed and I know that it's for my highest good.


Colors: Deep blackish-blue with gray-blue in alternating bands that shimmer in the light
Associated Chakras: 3rd (Solar Plexus), 5th (Throat), 6th (Third Eye)
Zodiac Signs: Leo, Capricorn
Elements: Air, Water, Earth
Companion Flowers: Stargazer Lily
Companion Essential Oil: Vetiver
Companion Stone: Red Tiger's Eye
Common Origins: Africa
Notes: This stone is also known as Hawk's Eye, Falcon's Eye, or as Crocidolite


More About Tiger's Eye:

Like other forms of tiger's eye, the blue variety (often called Hawk's Eye) is a form of quartz in which silky asbestos fibers have been trapped within the SiO2, giving it a distinctive sheen. Don't worry!  Even though it contains asbestos, it is safe to handle in its polished or tumbled form (the fibers are trapped within the Quartz). The form of asbestos is Crocidilite, an iron-bearing mineral that's normally blue in color. When that iron rusts before it gets trapped within the silica, it turns brown and results in golden tiger's eye. But if the silica infiltrates the fibers before the iron has time to rust, the blue color is retained, resulting in Blue Tiger's Eye. Blue tiger’s eye contains crocidolite (blue asbestos) fibers. When the iron in these fibers oxidizes, the stone bearing it becomes red or golden tiger’s eye.

Combining the raw power of Tiger's Eye with the blue color association gives an interesting and useful combination of metaphysical characteristics. All tiger's eye is great for removing habits that no longer serve, plowing through details of your to-do list, and getting down to business. Tiger’s Eye is a great stone for putting “pedal to the metal,” taking charge of what you want and bringing it into reality. It’s also a traditional stone for warding off the evil eye. It can make you feel grounded, empowered and protected. Along with this, the blue variety boosts the power and effectiveness of all forms of communication. When it comes to setting and achieving goals, communication is an important factor that's sometimes overlooked. Another traditional use is for averting the evil eye.

Since it contains asbestos, please don’t use it for crystal elixirs.


One way to use Blue Tiger's Eye:

Blue Tiger's Eye makes a great pocket stone -- one you'll want to keep with you throughout the day. It's a great choice for a palm stone or worry stone, but a small polished piece in your pocket or bag can serve just as well. You might want to keep it on your desk as you work, study, and manage various projects in your life. Then when you're done for the day, keep your Blue Tiger's Eye near your other stones to "recharge" it overnight.



    Crystal Healing is not meant to replace conventional medicine, but rather to complement and enhance it. Information within this site is metaphysical in nature and is by no means medical. Crystals should only be used with the understanding that they are not an independent therapy, but rather are just part of a holistic healing approach to wellness.

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