Tumbled Angel Aura Rose Quartz for Angelic Love

Tumbled Angel Aura Rose Quartz for Angelic Love
Tumbled Angel Aura Rose Quartz for Angelic Love
Tumbled Angel Aura Rose Quartz for Angelic Love
Tumbled Angel Aura Rose Quartz for Angelic Love
Tumbled Angel Aura Rose Quartz for Angelic Love
$3.00 USD

 Tumbled angel aura rose quartz measures approximately 1" x ¾x ½"

 Size is approximate and may vary slightly from piece to piece.

Common Healing Properties of Angel Aura Rose Quartz:

  • Opens you up to divine knowledge
  • Stimulates deep spiritual experiences
  • Promotes successful meditation
  • Aids in establishing a connection to your angels or guides
  • Brings love and light into any situation
  • Promotes feelings of safety and security
  • Enhances Lovingkindness
  • Facilitates peace and calming
  • Helps mend broken relationships
  • Encourages forgiveness of oneself or of others
  • Enhances compassionate attitudes
  • Promotes unconditional love, peace, and compassion
  • Inspires self-love
  • Calms after traumatic events
  • Instills tenderness
  • Helps with emotional balance
  • Encourages friendship & maternal love
  • Eases the grieving process



I invite my angels into my life and kindly ask that they protect and guide me

Colors: Soft pink with an iridescent surface
Associated Chakras: 4th (Heart), 7th (Crown)
Zodiac Signs: Cancer, Libra
Elements: Air
Companion Flowers: Soapwort
Companion Essential Oil: Iris
Common Origins Not naturally occurring, but usually made from Rose Quartz from  Madagascar or Brazil.
Notes Also known as Opal Aura Rose Quartz. Angel Aura Rose Quartz is made with Platinum and/or Silver using the process described below.


More About Angel Aura Rose Quartz:

Aura crystals are made by placing natural crystals into a vacuum chamber with vaporized metals for 12-18 hours. The “atomized” metal molecules then adhere to the surface of the crystal through an electrostatic process. They coat it, creating the beautiful display of colors with which we are all familiar. The thin metallic coating (generally less than 1 micron thick) cannot be scratched or rubbed off. This is because it has been molecularly bonded with the surface of the crystal. 

Some healers prefer not to use these stones as they are not completely natural (i.e. they are a “man-encouraged” creation). However, others, including myself, consider these stones to be useful healing tools. I would go as far as saying they can be an improvement upon natural crystals. Although the process for making these stones is not carried out within the earth, the stones are made of all-natural components. There are no man-made or synthetic additives (such as plastics or dyes). Therefore, it seems as though the crystal simply acts as a natural amplifier to the metals bonded to it.

For example, Aqua Aura Quartz is Quartz that has been coated in pure, 24k Gold. The thin layer of Gold atoms on the surface of the Quartz would not generally be enough to use for healing purposes. However, the energy of the Quartz crystal enhances and amplifies the energy of the Gold to the extent that it can be successfully used for healing.



      Crystal Healing is not meant to replace conventional medicine, but rather to complement and enhance it. Information within this site is metaphysical in nature and is by no means medical. Crystals should only be used with the understanding that they are not an independent therapy, but rather are just part of a holistic healing approach to wellness

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