Warrior Queen Medb Cold Cast Bronze Statue

Warrior Queen Medb Cold Cast Bronze Statue
$85.00 USD $112.95 USD
Medb was the warrior queen of Connacht, the western province of Ireland. It is said that her father was king of Connacht before becoming High King of Ireland and she became ruler of Connacht after him. She had five recognized husbands, and ruled for over 60 years. She was also said to be the reason that her husbands became kings, that to be the ruler of Connacht they had to be 'married to Medb' as in married to the land. Goddess Medb/Maeve is associated with Cycles of Life, Magic, Mysticism, Fertility, Passion, and War.

This statue is made of cold cast bronze. Measures 8⅝" high, 5¼" wide and 5¼" deep.

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