Welcoming Taurus Season

Welcoming Taurus Season
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Welcoming Taurus Season 

by Barry Kerr


The Sun moves into Taurus on April 19/20

Last month, fiery Aries renewed our impulse to assert our spirit into the world. Now, Taurus grounds that intention into the physical, starting with the denseness of our bodies, extending out to all the practical, physical resources we need, and reaching further to that which we want and desire. Thank you, Taurus – I needed that.


Our inner Venus, ruling Taurus, responds to our earthy existence, and based on our likes and dislikes, needs and wants, pleasures and displeasures, it forms our values. It is our values that give shape to our life. When we know and commit to our values, we can infuse our Martian vitality into the physical resources that Venus attracts to us, thus creating that which pleases us. Through planting, building, business, artistic expressions, and relationships, we increase our sense of abundance and physical security. Taurus’s spiritual intention is to build our commitment to the physical world, rewarding our limited senses with delightful expressions of how spirit can express sacred beauty and love into physical form.


In the Taurus part of our humanity, we learn loyalty, patience, gratitude, persistence, endurance, commitment, and forgiveness. If conscious, we grow our self-worth and self-resourcefulness. We take action slowly, deliberately, honoring others needs, but respecting their boundaries and our own. We feel awareness and gratitude for Mother Earth, value our bodies, and enjoy the pleasures of our five senses. Fully conscious, we realize that the physical is only a reflection of the spiritual, and our values evolve to the intangible qualities of spirit, which then guides us to infuse our physical creations with love and beauty.


Our unconscious Taurus, by leaning too much into self and insensitivity to others, can let our need for physical and emotional security turn into attachment and accumulation, jealousy and possessiveness. Our need for self-worth can turn into stubbornness and greed; our enjoyment of pleasure turn into excessiveness and addiction.



Taurus is ruled by planet Venus. In our journey around the zodiac, after asserting our spiritual essence into physical human form via Mars in Aries, our Venus sets about gaining a healthy connection to the physical world. This includes how we relate to our body, to physical resources like food, clothes and shelter, and to nature. At the same time we learn to enjoy the beauty and miracle of being in physical form, to delight in our five senses of sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. Much of this learning is fundamental to surviving on the physical plane.  We strengthen our commitment to building and maintaining a self, claiming territory for our ego to grow.


Think of a seed planted in spring. Its life force is there, ready to actualize its growth into form and eventually bear fruit. Taurus is the early stage of the seed sprouting, sending roots into the earth and growing a shoot up into the world to engage with the environment around it.


The healthy result of our Taurus experience is to develop the ability to provide for our self, to gain the things (money) that we need to maintain existence and well-being. Yet that extends past the tangible needs into the other basic human needs of love and comfort. To do that, we first have to establish a sense of self-worth. Without the necessary feeling of intrinsic worth, we may not even make the effort to attain our needs, much less our comforts.




Venus is the part of us that wants and needs to relate, both to things and to people. When our Venus is doing well, we are willing to give ourselves the pleasures of life. That includes delicious food, comfortable and attractive surroundings, and a sense of abundance. We feel comfortable in our body. Through this process, our Venus forms our values: what do we like and not like? This applies to people, too, in a practical way, however it is in the sign of Libra that Venus explores the emotional dimensions of relationship.


When our Venus is wounded or undeveloped, we experience a lack of self-worth, lack of abundance, lack of values, and/or an unbalanced desire for money and possessions. We might feel overly dependent on others or extremely self-contained, needing no one.  We might feel unattractive or that our body does not support us.  




Good Taurus Activities

Build something. Plant something. Use your hands. Use your body. Enjoy sensuality. Plan your finances. Make and spend some money. Connect to the earth. Make a commitment to yourself and stick to it.



Good Taurus Questions To Ask Yourself

To heal and evolve your Taurus self, ask this: Do you know your own values, and are you willing to assert boundaries around yourself to help you uphold those values? Do you feel worthy of your needs and desires? Can you give yourself or ask for what you want without feeling selfish? When you feel stubborn, jealous, or possessive, can you sense your insecurities and create an inner security. What are your intangible values, and can you be flexible with how those show up in physical form.






Horoscope for April 20 - May 20

After re-committing last month in Aries to being in a human body, now, in Taurus, our soul deepens that commitment by grounding further into the physical world. Just as plants send out roots to collect the resources needed for survival and flourishing, so we humans create relationships to that which we need from the world to strengthen our existence, our comfort and our security. In Taurus, our inner Venus claims the right to take up space and to acquire what we need, want and desire. The tangible needs of food, shelter and money form our obvious and universal values. With experience and the evolution of our soul, our values become more individuated, less material, and more spiritual in scope. Yet, we must always ground those values into the practical world of time, space and form.


Look below for your birth sign (sun sign) to see what particular challenges/opportunities are being brought to your awareness this month. (These can also hold true if you have your Moon, Rising sign or a number of planets in the sign.)



Aries (Mar 21 – Apr 19):

In terms of values, Aries, for you it's about freedom and independence. So, when it comes to making and spending money or going about getting what you want, you tend to be spontaneous, driven and sometimes impulsive. This month is a good time for you to slow down a notch before taking action and consider if your actions create more needed stability and structure in your life. Others may admire your inspired spontaneity, but they might also wish you were more practical and reliable. Let your body set the pace.



Taurus (Apr 20 – May 20):

This is your glory time, Taurus. Give your desires permission to take root and blossom. Whether it's digging your hands in the garden soil, immersing yourself in nature, pampering your body with sensual delights, or buying that special new thing, enjoy getting physical. Create comfort and pleasure. Just a caution, however: don’t get too attached to any of it, for the material world is always in flux. Grounding yourself in some less tangible, more eternal values may prove a more stable way to create comfort and security in the long run.



Gemini (May 21 – June 20):

Gemini, you value intellect, clear thinking and social wit. When it comes to getting what you need and want, including money, you will have plenty of ideas. This Taurus month is a good time for you to get practical feedback about your ideas, particularly as they relate to what you value. Take some time to drop out of your head and into your body, asking it to talk to you. Believe it or not, this can bring a grounded clarity to your thoughts. Though your mind may be dizzy with all sorts of seeming contradictions, your body will hold a more reliable truth for you to trust.



Cancer (June 21 – July 22): 

For you Cancer, home and family are the important values. During this Taurus month, it’s a good time to build more structure and reliability into your home and family life, including more comfort and sensual pleasures. Home and family are where we create emotional security. Examine your values, Cancer, to see how they contribute to or distract from this. Consistency is key.




 Leo (July 23 - Aug 22):

Leo, your values center on creativity, fun and self-expression. So, this month it’s about bringing your body into the party. Dancing, singing and sports are especially inviting at this time, but also earthy arts like sculpture and pottery. If those feel too literal or daring for you, then consider anything that would enhance your ability to include your body and your basic values into the fullness of your expressive passion. You are worthy of being seen and adored, just as you are, just as you look.



 Virgo (Aug 23 – Sep 22):

You value attention to order and details, Virgo, so this is an excellent month to use the earthy, practical energy of both signs to get your financial ducks in a row and re-order whatever daily habits and routines affect your body, comfort and material security. You might also examine how your work aligns with your values. Drop out of your mind and into your body and ask if there are ways you can include more soulfulness into your daily service. Doing so will improve your health.




 Libra (Sep 23 – Oct 22):

Libra, you value cooperation, negotiation, and relationship, so during this influence of Taurus is a good time to measure whether your partner or any significant other is worthy of your loyalty and commitment. Stable and practical are important attributes to a successful relationship. An alignment to your overall values is vital, too. If that’s in place, then this is also an excellent time to enjoy the comfort and sensual pleasures your relationships offer.




Scorpio (Oct 23 – Nov 21): 

Taurus is your polar opposite, Scorpio, so this month may feel a bit contradictory for you. The Taurean tendencies toward self-containment and emotional stability are offering you a chance to check and balance your usual attractions to intensity, drama and codependency. With more self-worth, the drama can transform into fulfilling intimacy and spiritual growth. The key is to feel your own emotional security and bring that into your intimate encounters.




Sagittarius (Nov 22 – Dec 21):  

You value being able to see the big picture, so under this Taurus influence, Sag, bring that higher understanding to your values and do an inventory. How does your approach to making and spending money apply? How about the way you take care of your body, or not? Are there ways you can ground your philosophical wisdoms into practical use? If you are studying at this time, use this wave of Taurus steadfastness to persist and complete.




Capricorn (Dec 22 – Jan 19):

Capricorn, you value achievement, leadership, and recognition. Let the Taurus energy ground your plans into practical, step-by-step actions. If your goals align with your true values, then patient and determined effort will be especially rewarding during this time. Also, let your earthy side show. People like leaders who can come down to earth.





Aquarius (Jan 20 – Feb 18): 

Aquarius, you value your individuality, originality and freedom. Though this normally works to your favor, the Taurus energy is challenging you to examine your connections to friends and organizations and see if there is a need for more dependability and loyalty on your part. Does your demand for freedom keep you too aloof? Are you being realistic? Or is it fear? Or could it be that the people you are connecting to just don’t align with your own values?




Pisces (Feb 19 – Mar 20): 

In valuing compassion and spiritual awareness, Pisces, you can, at times, get other worldly, and ungrounded. This time of Taurus is an excellent one for you to re-commit to your physical presence. Now would be a good time to start or renew a yoga practice. Any activities that connect you to your body and the physical world are helpful: clean up the garage, plant a garden, take up a sport. Your gift is to ground your expansive awareness and loving heart into the world with blessings. Start with yourself and let it flow outward.




Barry Kerr, a certified soul-based astrologer, has 33 years of experience with an international clientele, including many medical professionals and alternative healers. He and Kristine Gay, a licensed psychotherapist, are owners/practitioners at Inner Essence Center in Madison. Both have extensive training in soul-guided healing of mind, body, heart and spiritual systems. They offer healing, coaching, therapy and astrology services. Visit www.ChooseConsciousLiving.com  for more information.








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