Vintage Style Spirit Board with Planchette

Vintage Style Spirit Board with Planchette
$33.95 USD

This antique look spirit board is your portal to the psychic and supernatural realms. Few mystical tools surpass the spirit board in terms of infamy or effectiveness. This is a powerful divinatory tool that should not be feared, but embraced. Use this as a tool to contact those who have crossed over, or to connect with your spirit guides. Let a white candle burn as far from the board as the height of the tallest enquirer; this will protect you from any negative forces which may manifest themselves. With fingers resting lightly upon the planchette, ask your question and wait for the spirits to answer you. Comes complete with planchette. Made of wood.

Board measures approximately 15" X 15". Planchette measures approximately 5" long X 4" wide

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