Palo Santo Sticks for Space Clearing

Palo Santo Sticks for Space Clearing
Palo Santo Sticks for Space Clearing
$5.00 USD

Note: After our current supply is sold out, Mimosa will no longer carry Palo Santo.

This decision has been made out of respect for groups that have traditionally used Palo Santo in their spiritual and cultural practices, as well as ecological concerns about the unsustainable harvesting of this material for commercial purposes.

100% of the sales of our remaining stock of Palo Santo will be donated to the Front Line Defenders chapter of The International Foundation for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders Trust, which works with many groups around the world including FECONAU, an organization focusing on the rights of Indigenous people from more than 30 communities in the Peruvian Amazon and the sovereignty of their ancestral territories.

To date (as of 3/11/23) Mimosa has donated $1,623.25 to Front Line Defenders. 


Palo Santo (Bursera graveolens)

The name of this South American relative of the frankincense tree is usually translated as "holy wood."

Palo Santo measures approximately 3¾" x ¾" x ¾"





Do not leave incense, candles, or other forms of fire burning while unattended. Burn these items only in a fire-safe dish intended for this use (on a level, heat-resistant surface). Keep candles and incense away from children, pets, windows or drafty areas, and any combustible items.

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