Oracle of Great Mystics by Mona Moon & Mythsinart

Oracle of Great Mystics by Mona Moon & Mythsinart
Oracle of Great Mystics by Mona Moon & Mythsinart
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The Oracle of Great Mystics is the collected work of many witches, curated over long years into the splendid work you could hold in your hands

Each of the cards differs in use, meaning, and approach, the deck capable of providing guidance and laying the stones for your path to success, love, and enlightenment. This Oracle exists as the physical embodiment of the ages I have lived, and as a result it is an exceedingly personal and telling deck. In knowing it, you will know me, Mona Moon.

Lying at the core of this deck’s construction was the importance of putting love and life and light into the world

The theme of knowing the self to better understand and aid the world is evident. Any feeling of warmth, love, or elation you know well should be what you try your utmost to replicate in your use of this deck. The tapestry of meditations and exercises contained here has shown me that no problem is too large, and no person or witch too small, to go unaccomplished. So long as this deck is at your side, you can hope to meet any task that is placed before you, and in overcoming that hardship, you can hope to know and enlighten yourself.

With this deck in hand, your journey to enlightenment has taken another vital step, now with the chance to turn your efforts inward

The journey towards knowing your inner self will not be an easy one, but so long as you are honest, self-aware, and willing to learn and change, you give the cards the proper energy they deserve to navigate your path and find self-love.

Of the thousands of combinations possible in drawing one to three cards every time you consult this deck

You will see how I have sculpted and curated each card and its meaning to provide appropriate advice. In my travels across mother earth and father sky, I have met many people and learned many things, and those chiefly things have found their way into this deck, from experiences that have granted me wisdom that must be shared, to the beings who offered me advice on my path – I may be wise and ancient, but the journey towards enlightenment and self-discovery is never ending.


  • Product: 44 card deck with 93 page guidebook, comes in box with magnetized closure
  • Product Dimensions: 4" x 6" x 1.25"

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