Purple Om Candle for Peace & Meditation

Purple Om Candle for Peace & Meditation
$7.95 USD

Om is the most sacred mantra, regarded as the primal sound in the birth of the cosmos.

It is regarded to exist before and after creation. It is imperishable and therefore the symbol of the Infinite. It resides and is present in silence, and represents the entire manifested and unmanifested world.

These beautifully detailed handpoured royal purple candle feature the Om symbol within a mandala and are perfect to burn during meditation.


  • Measures approximately 3" x 3" x ¾"
  • Unscented




Do not leave incense, candles, or other forms of fire burning while unattended. Burn these items only in a fire-safe dish intended for this use (on a level, heat-resistant surface). Keep candles and incense away from children, pets, windows or drafty areas, and any combustible items.

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