Feng Shui Laughing Buddha Statues 3" (Rosewood)

Feng Shui Laughing Buddha Statues 3" (Rosewood)
$4.95 USD

These 3" tall rosewood Buddha statues can be added to your space to call in specific energies. These come in assorted poses.

The Laughing Buddha called Hotei (also spelled Po-tai or Budai). The latter form isn't meant to look anything like the teacher who awakened in India 2500 years ago. Rather, the chubby, laughing one was a Chinese monk who lived around 1000 CE. Hotei is considered a form of the Maitreya Boddhisatva, also called the future Buddha.

Laughter was Hotei's teaching. He would walk into a crowded marketplace with his little knapsack of worldly possessions and just start laughing. Hotei wandered from town to town teaching in this way, often with a gaggle of children following him down the street. His nickname simply means "cloth sack," because he carried all his possessions in one small bag. (His real name was Qieci.) Though he was poor and homeless, he never wanted for anything. People were happy to give him enough food to maintain his pleasingly plump figure, and counted themselves lucky to do so, because Hotei's good luck rubbed off on everyone he met. They said he could put people's troubles in his cloth sack and turn them into good fortune, and even grant wishes. Hotei was an irresistible force of positive energy.

In time, towns put up statues of the laughing Buddha, and families kept smaller statues of him in their homes. To this day, many people rub his fat belly for good luck.


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