New Moon Candle Tin

New Moon Candle Tin
New Moon Candle Tin
$19.95 USD

The New Moon brings with it the dark Goddess energies of release, acceptance and letting go. When we can harness that energy and move through the barriers we create by holding onto old, bad habits, we can change our lives.

These 4 oz. soy wax/vegan candles are crafted on the new moon, and are infused with good intentions for renewed energy, creativity and spirit.


  • Vegan Soy Wax
  • Orange Essential Oils
  • Sandalwood Essential Oils
  • Lavender Essential Oils
  • Ginger Essential Oils
  • Charged Carnelian
  • Charged Quartz
  • Moonstone
  • Fairy-dust
  • Orange Blossoms.

The combination of oils and crystals work together to enhance your feelings of creativity, calm, happiness, acceptance and release.





Do not leave incense, candles, or other forms of fire burning while unattended. Burn these items only in a fire-safe dish intended for this use (on a level, heat-resistant surface). Keep candles and incense away from children, pets, windows or drafty areas, and any combustible items.

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