Amethyst & Lapis Lazuli Mala with Goddess Charm

Amethyst & Lapis Lazuli Mala with Goddess Charm
$42.95 USD

This elegant 108-bead mala is made of Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, and pewter-toned spacer beads. Attached to the purple tassel is a Goddess charm. Amethyst has the ability to attract spiritual energies and provide peace of mind. Connecting with our Higher nature is the first step toward healing.

Stone beads are used to combine the powers of the stones with the meditation. The cord running through the beads symbolizes the thread of Life. Each mala has been made from small natural stone beads which are extremely difficult to make, each mala, therefore, is a work of art in itself and should be treated with care and respect.

A mala is the most ancient form of a rosary, used to count the repetitions of a mantra, a prayer, as the spiritual self is trained. Read more about how to work with malas here.

This mala is approximately 30" in length, and each crystal bead measures 7mm in diameter.

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