Heart of Gold by Jane Reeves

Heart of Gold by Jane Reeves
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Lessons on the Path to Loving Kindness

A Heart of Gold is a practical guide into the practice of Loving Kindness. For anyone who is discouraged by a culture that focuses on scarcity and being busy, author Jane Reeves offers within these pages a more generous way to live. She opens up a different way of being in the world, a method that is steeped in the practice of Loving Kindness. Through stories in her own life and many years of being a guide for others, Jane shows how Loving Kindness can revolutionize a life. Loving Kindness is both a way to increase your own happiness and to bring happiness to others. There will never be an end to suffering and there will never be an end to personal pain, growth and evolution, but Loving Kindness offers us a practice where we can sit down in our bodies and feel our way into our hearts. It is a tried and true practice for grounding and centering. Loving Kindness will always lead to finding peace and more happiness.


Jane teaches that anyone in the world, anywhere, no matter what age, gender, background, race or socioeconomic structure can learn how to weave Loving Kindness into ordinary life. Loving Kindness is universal in its accessibility. At the end of each chapter is a simple practice that you can use to grow Loving Kindness in your life, so that as you read, you can experience the deep joys and benefits of this spiritual quality. You can use this book over any number of months or weeks to give yourself time to develop the qualities discussed and the practices provided. And you can return to them again and again in the years to come. This book serves as a practical guide for weaving Loving Kindness into your own life, for finding the heart of gold within yourself so that it can lead you home.


  • Paperback: 183 pages
  • Product Dimensions: 6 x 0.5 x 9 inches

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