[FREE DOWNLOAD] 100 Names of the Morrígna Cards

[FREE DOWNLOAD] 100 Names of the Morrígna Cards
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The  Morrígna, collectively, include the Goddesses Morrigan, Badb, Nemain, and Macha of Irish mythology. This printable deck of cards features 1 card for each of the 100 Names of the Morrígna (as arranged by Morpheus Ravenna of the Coru Cathubodua Priesthood).

On any given card, you'll find 1 of the 100 names (in large print) along with the name of the aspect of the corresponding Morrígna (in small print in the lower left corner). There's also a digital collage image for each card to represent the specific name of the aspect of the Morrígna being featured. CW: In some cases, the image may include dark imagery including blood or bones.

To work with these cards, you may place one of your choice on your altar to use for meditation or connection with that specific aspect of the Morrígna. You may also draw a card at random and then research that name and its symbolism and meaning (including how and where it is featured in mythology and lore). Additionally, you may use your chosen card in place of a statue or other image during ritual or ceremony.

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