Expanded Celtic Cross Distance Tarot Reading with Mari Powers

The Universe Has Something to Share with You...

Want personalized guidance channeled through a comprehensive Celtic Cross Reading? Get this expanded 12 card reading and a personalized mantra recommendation just for you for insight into a specific area of your life or a more generalized reading.

This reading will reveal a personalized story to determine which ways the winds of change are blowing...

- Shows you what is in your visible and invisible consciousness and reveals a pivotal event in the the near past and future

- Outlines your hopes or fears, the environment of the situation, your aspirations and an outcome

- Offers advice from one of your guides and shares what you need to know with your best interests in mind

- Reveals what you most need to make the choices that will help give you clarity on what you need to release to move forward

Your Expanded Celtic Cross:

Card 1: Focus (Center of the Reading)

Card 2: Crossing (Gift or Challenge)

Card 3: Influences

Card 4: Foundation (Invisible World)

Card 5: Near Past (Root)

Card 6: Overview (Visible World)

Card 7: Near Future Focus

Card 8: Hopes & Fears

Card 9: Environment (Family & Friends)

Card 10: Aspirations

Card 11: Outcome

Card 12: Advice from Your Guide

Want personalized guidance for your path? Get a 12 card Celtic Cross reading and a short mantra recommendation just for you!

Mari Powers is a Master Tarot Card reader with over 30 years of experience. She’ll use her unique understanding of Tarot and a combination of intuition and esoteric knowledge to share messages and guidance just for you!

After you book a reading, you'll receive:

A recorded reading by email from Mari within 5 business days; this video is downloadable and yours to keep forever!

A personalized mantra recommendation just for you to help you stay focused in the time following your reading.

Refund Policy/Disclaimer: Full refunds will be applied if you are not satisfied with your reading. Cards readings are not meant to provide medical or legal advice. Intuitive information provided is metaphysical in nature and should only be used for personal or spiritual purposes.

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