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Intuitive readings are currently available over distance only, as Mimosa's storefront is closed to the public. 

Please call us at 608-256-5432 or contact us online to schedule your phone reading! 🔮

We appreciate your patience and support of our small business and our gifted readers during this challenging time ✨




Mimosa is proud to offer in-house intuitive readings with wonderful, experienced readers, each with their own unique reading style. All of our readers act with integrity and perform readings in a positive light. They each have over 5 years of professional experience and have studied in various psychic modalities from credible programs and teachers. Mimosa is confident in its readers and cares about delivering quality services of this nature.


All readings at Mimosa cost $2 per minute with a 15-minute minimum. Payment is taken in advance of your appointment via PayPal or through our secure online credit card processor.



Our Intuitive Readers


Mari Powers

Master Tarot card reader Mari Powers helps you find guidance from the invisible universe. She has been offering tarot classes since 1990 and has been doing professional readings for over 30 years to help others find guidance, confirmation and insight. In addition, she's an Ordained Minister for Circle Sanctuary and offers a variety of guided meditations.


Specialties: Tarot, Guided Meditations, Weddings, House Blessings, Planning & Facilitation of Custom Rituals.

COVID-19 ConsiderationsMany of Mari's services can be offered at a distance! She is still happy to work with clients to plan rituals and ceremonies, provide recordings of guided meditations, and email images of natal charts, tarot spreads, or other visual materials accompanying distance readings.






Brenda Hammon

A gifted clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, empath and natural medium. Brenda connects with Angels, Guides, and Guardians. This ability comforts and uplifts her clients on their life path. She is also able to channel messages through her writing and art. Clients receive a handwritten message from their guides along with their reading. A lifelong student of spirituality, Brenda enjoys passing on her knowledge and love through her psychic gifts. She will hold your hands, put light and protection around you and call forth messages of the highest good.


Specialties: Clairvoyant Mediumship, Guardian Angel Communication, House Clearing, Past Life Regression, Spiritual Counseling, One-on-One Classes

Parties: Brenda loves bigger groups, but is also happy to work with smaller groups. Galleries are a specialty, as well as business and community events. Bachelorette parties welcome! Cost: Calculated on a case-by-case basis






Statement of Ethics:

Mimosa is proud to offer in-house intuitive readings seven days a week. Because we are serious about providing the best experience to our customers, we hold to a strict code of ethics regarding readings.

All readers working at Mimosa have been carefully screened. They must have several years of professional experience, excellent references, and pass both an interview and several test readings with Mimosa’s management and owner. We require this level of professional experience not only because it assures our readers have experience doing readings outside their circle of family and friends, but because it means they have the experience to understand their responsibilities as a professional in the field.

Our readers perform their duties to the highest ethical standards, working with a positive spirit toward the highest good. Guidance is offered in a kind and loving way, with no compulsion to behave in a certain way or make any kind of purchase.

  • Any messages they receive are presented in a constructive way, as a means to positive change for the client.
  • They also respect your privacy, meaning that anything said in the reading room remains confidential (unless they thought you were in danger of harming yourself or others).
  • Any readings for minors will be done only with parental permission.
  • They will not require that you pay any additional fee to “fix” or “correct” anything discussed in your reading.  Our fees are always our flat rates with no surprises or additional cost.
  • They only perform services for which they have been trained and have accumulated enough experience to be considered professionals.If the client requires services the reader is not trained in, including but not limited to mental health evaluation or legal advice, the reader will make a referral if possible.

Mimosa insists on the highest standards for our readers, and will not tolerate any unethical, abusive or avaricious behavior. Mimosa knows that the actions and ethics of our psychic readers directly reflect upon our reputation, so we take ethical violations very seriously.

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