Round Loose Leaf Tea Infuser

Round Loose Leaf Tea Infuser
$5.95 USD

Save money and create less waste with a reusable tea infuser!

These mesh snap ball tea infusers makes it quick and easy to steep a fresh, more distinct and flavorful cup of loose leaf tea with the same ease and convenience as using store-bought tea bags!

Simply squeeze the spring-action handle to open the snap ball. Fill the ball halfway (about 2-teaspoons) with loose tea to allow the tea leaves room to fully expand. Place the infuser, ball end down, into the cup and pour in hot water. Steep, no less than 3 minutes, to release the naturally occurring essential oils. Once desired brew strength is achieved, remove the infuser from the cup and discard the used tea leaves. They're great for making mulled cider, too. Just fill the infuser with mulling spices instead of tea.

Made from 18/8 stainless steel.

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