Crescent Moon & Herbs Tarot Card Stand

Crescent Moon & Herbs Tarot Card Stand
Crescent Moon & Herbs Tarot Card Stand
Crescent Moon & Herbs Tarot Card Stand
$29.95 USD

This card stand holds a standard-sized tarot or oracle card and make a great addition to your altar, desk, or bedside table. Place on your altar as a reminder of the energies to consider through the day, week, or month depending on how often you choose to switch out your significator card. There’s also space for a standard-size tealight candle, crystal, herbs, rocks, pendulums, runes, gemstone, or an incense cone holder.

The stand design was created with the intention of tracking the lunar year, while being able to work with moon energies in each phase and with each of your tarot card readings or meditations. Focusing on the moon phase while incorporating divination in order to gain insight, scry into the depths of your path or invoke the lunar energies in a specific monthly cycle to activate spellcraft, enrich manifestation or cleanse and charge your crystals.

Made of high-quality walnut wood that has been sanded smooth and stained lacquer finish, natural material will help you establish a more subtle spiritual connection and walnut wood is known for it’s ability to expunge negative energies. The stand measures approximately 4.5" in length and width. The slot will hold a tarot, oracle, or any other type of card that measures up to 0.12" x 4.5".

Use this to hold your tarot pull for the day, or to keep a special card on your altar!

  • Made of walnut
  • Measures 4.5" x 4.5" x 0.75"


Crystals and cards are not included.

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