Wooden Hamsa Wall Hanging

Wooden Hamsa Wall Hanging
$22.95 USD

The hamsa is an ancient protective amulet that originated in Northern Africa. Hamsa means five in Arabic, referring to the five fingers of the human hand. The amulet is also known as the Hand of Fatima, named for the daughter of the prophet Muhammad. A folk story about the origin of this name says that Fatima was cooking soup one day when her husband came home with a new wife. She was so startled, she dropped her spoon, but continued stirring the hot soup with her bare hand without getting burned. Since God protected her hand, that hand took on the power to protect others from harm.

The hamsa is part of Jewish tradition as well, where it may be known also as the Hand of Miriam. It has also been associated with Venus, and with Mary the mother of Jesus. The symbol has always offered special protection and luck to women, used by brides, those hoping to conceive, and as a charm that mothers use to protect their children.

Since a mixture of religious significances are attached to the hamsa, it has recently become a symbol of peace, hope, and of mutual understanding, for the world.

This wall hanging measures 10" x 8½ x ¼"

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