Hogwarts House Crystal Sets

Hogwarts House Crystal Sets
Hogwarts House Crystal Sets
Hogwarts House Crystal Sets
Hogwarts House Crystal Sets
Hogwarts House Crystal Sets
Hogwarts House Crystal Sets
Hogwarts House Crystal Sets
$10.00 USD

Choose a crystal set to complement the character traits of your Hogwarts House!

Each set contains 3 crystals chosen to suit the traits of your house and a color-coordinating pouch to store them in! There is also a printed info. card with each set.



Hufflepuff Traits:

  • Kind, loyal, dependable
  • Hard-working
  • Pays attention to detail
  • Great team player
  • Loves to work on self-development & self-work
  • Spends lots of time making decisions- carefully weighs all the options
  • Comes up with creative solutions

    Hufflepuff Crystals:

    • Bumblebee Jasper:  fun, unexpectedly energetic, light-hearted, creative
    • Unakite: nourishing, nurturing, the comfort food of crystals
    • Natural Citrine: so easy to work with in so many ways, versatile, uplifting, dependable



    Ravenclaw Traits:

    • Intellectual & clever but also highly intuitive
    • You can’t get anything past a Ravenclaw
    • Strong connection to the crown chakra- makes good card readers, diviners, psychics, mediums, and intuitive healers
    • Able to channel messages from the divine and from messengers such as angels, ascended masters, and spirit guides
    • Sometimes aloof because they are spending too much time in the upper chakras
    • Strong correlation to wisdom & the goddess traditions of wisdom

      Ravenclaw Crystals:

      • Tanzanite: the ultimate stone of intuition, just place it on the third eye and it will open things right up
      • Selenite: aids in the ability to draw messages down through the crown chakra and into the third eye & throat chakras, helps in decision making, can be used as a runway or link to connect with other dimensions more easily
      • Charoite: Another really great stone for intuition, but also helps you focus enough to receive messages and then apply those messages to the tasks at hand



      Gryffindor Traits:

      • Brave & courageous
      • Great entrepreneurs of sacred businesses
      • Very highly creative, but with the ability to commit to & follow through on creative projects 
      • Incredibly passionate about their life’s work
      • Make great hands-on healers

        Gryffindor Crystals:

        • Red Jasper: very grounding but with a great deal of strength, reminds you to follow your heart while still being realistic
        • Rutilated Quartz: brings clarity with a flash of inspiration, like a bolt of lightning. Gives guidance & direction when you need to focus, and helps you prioritize
        • Pyrite: keeps your energy up enough to follow through on all the visions to have for your projects, helps you pay attention to and appreciate the abundance that comes to you through all your hard work



        Slytherin Traits:

        • Drawn to the darker shadow sides of magic & healing
        • Very fluid in their identities, able to easily shed old paradigms that no longer serve them
        • Doesn’t spend much time on self-development, just fully trusts their own intuition and goes with what they feel drawn to do
        • Highly sensual and completely in touch with their sacred sexuality
        • Great at sacred practices that incorporate movement & connecting to other realms
        • Ambitious & intuitive

          Slytherin Crystals:

          • Clear Apophyllite: Helps remind you that you’re already crystal clear in your self-love & self-confidence, removes obstacles to reaching ambitious goals
          • Black Obsidian: Helps cut out any stagnant energies that aren’t serving your highest good, helps create a portal between worlds to connect with energies or spirits of other dimensions
          • Serpentine: Highly grounding but also enhances the raw, primal energy of one’s sexuality & sensuality. Great for encouraging movement & flow in the Kundalini


          Ties and other accessories not included.

          *This product is in no way endorsed, licensed by, or affiliated with JK Rowling or with Warner Brothers Studios.

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