Goddess Discovery Book Volume 2 by Cassie Uhl

Goddess Discovery Book Volume 2 by Cassie Uhl
$28.95 USD

The Goddess Discovery Book Volume 2 is here to help you upgrade your intuition and connect with the magick of Mother Nature. Perfect for anyone looking to begin or deepen their spiritual practice.

Volume 2 is a stand-alone book that can be enjoyed without having read Volume 1. If you devoured the first volume and loved it, Volume 2 is all new content!

The book includes eight chapters and more than twenty activities. Here are some of the highlights.

  • Mini-moon phase journal
  • Moon phase bookmark
  • 2020 moon phase calendar on cardstock
  • Protection crystal grid
  • 4 protection crystal cards
  • 8 spell cards
  • 4 palm reading cards
  • Mini-oracle card deck with 16 cards (p.s. card backs match V1 so that you can add these to your current collection!)
  • 4 oracle card spreads
  • 3 Magickal coloring pages
  • and more!
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